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Key Literature in Medical Education (KeyLIME) is a weekly podcast produced by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

We bring you the main points of a medical education article in under half a hour! Articles that are important, innovative, or will impact your educational practice are discussed. Earn MOC credits under Section 2 for each podcast.  

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Feb 20, 2024

In this episode: Jon’s longer that usual discussion is about Duty-Hour flexibility in surgical training. Length: 30:35 min

Authors: Bilimoria KY, Chung JW, Hedges LV, Dahlke AR, Love R, Cohen ME, Hoyt DB, Yang AD, Tarpley JL, Mellinger JD, Mahvi DM, Kelz RR, Ko CY, Odell DD1, Stulberg JJ, Lewis FR.


Feb 13, 2024

In this episode: Jason selected a paper on ‘why specialty choice is important’ to broaden your horizons, as it’s not his normal type of paper. Length: 18:41 min

Authors: Lapièce B, Reynaert C, van Meerbeeck P, Dory V.

Publication details: Title Social dominance theory and medical specialty choice. Advances in...

Feb 6, 2024

In this episode: Linda presents a editorial/commentary type of paper that she refers to as ‘What enables CE research ?’ Length: 14:41 min

Authors: Blanchard RD, Visintainer PF, La Rochelle J.

Publication details: Cultivating Medical Education Research Mentorship as a Pathway Towards High Quality Medical Education...

Jan 30, 2024

In this episode: Jon Sherbino’s chosen article on cognitive overload asks ‘can you teach too much?’ Length: 19:24 min

Authors: Sewell JL, Boscardin CK, Young JQ, ten Cate O, O’Sullivan P.

Publication details: Measuring cognitive load during procedural skills training with colonoscopy as an exemplar. Medical...

Jan 23, 2024

In this episode: Jason chose a paper that asks ‘Is bias in the eye of the beholder?’ Bias alert -  Jon Sherbino is one of the authors ;) Length: 21:45 min

Authors: Zwaan L, Monteiro S, Sherbino J, Ilgen J, Howey B, Norman G.

Publication details:  Is bias in the eye of the beholder? A vignette study to assess...