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Key Literature in Medical Education (KeyLIME) is a weekly podcast produced by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

We bring you the main points of a medical education article in under half a hour! Articles that are important, innovative, or will impact your educational practice are discussed. Earn MOC credits under Section 2 for each podcast.  

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Jul 30, 2019

Episode Length:  26:50
This paper, Smirnova et al, is a team of heavy hitting meded authors. The group set out to describe how CPIs, as measures of the activities, behaviours, and abilities of clinicians, can inform medical education and health care quality improvement. 

Authors conclusions: 19:55

Jason's Spare Keys:...

Jul 23, 2019

Episode length - 28:19

This manuscript is from the Lancet it highlights feminist and gender issues in both medicine and medical education. 

Instead of reporting on a study, this manuscript focuses on how feminist theory has been applied to medical education, and how rigorous application of feminist theory can help...

Jul 16, 2019

Episode length - 33:24

The WHO has recognized that it’s hard to recruit and retain health workers in remote and rural areas and recommended clinical rotations in rural areas during studies. 

This paper is a ‘comprehensive literature review ‘ to assess the published evidence for the impact of rural rotations on...

Jul 2, 2019

Episode length 24:50

This updated Time-and-Motion study chosen by Jason Frank is a secondary analysis of the iCOMPARE cluster RCT of 2 duty hours approaches back in episode 165. 

The authors selected 6 US university affiliated and community-based hospitals that had interns working on general medicine wards in 2016....