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Key Literature in Medical Education (KeyLIME) is a weekly podcast produced by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

We bring you the main points of a medical education article in under half a hour! Articles that are important, innovative, or will impact your educational practice are discussed. Earn MOC credits under Section 2 for each podcast.  

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Jun 27, 2023

How did the Master Clinicians in your environment get their mastery ?

Authors:  Murthy VK, O'Brien B, Dhaliwal G.

Publication details: An Inquiry Into the Early Careers of Master Clinicians J Grad Med Educ. 2018 Oct;10(5):500-506 

Jun 20, 2023

Jon's paper discusses the wish list of many PD's in how to identify a resident in difficulty.

Authors: Ross S et al.,

Publication details:  Association of a Competency-Based Assessment System With Identification of and Support for Medical Residents in Difficulty. JAMA Netw Open. 2018 Nov 2;1(7):e184581.

Jun 13, 2023

Today's article for discussion was chosen by Linda. The autors aimed to ‘use a structured framework and individualized EMR-level data to guide how residents receive practice feedback, interpret data on their patient, panels, engage them in quality improvement efforts, and prepare them for practice.’

Authors: Haynes...

Jun 6, 2023

Jason paper is fanning the flames on the hot topic of 'Coaching'.

Linda wants to know if it works in Medicine.

Jon compares Coaching in medicine to a Diving Coach i.e. the 'triple lutz salchows' !! 

Authors: Watling CJ, LaDonna KA

Publication details:  Where philosophy meets culture: Exploring how coaches conceptualize...